Special Edition Knife

The SE (Special Edition) Knife is only available to Members. The SE Knife is designed by Mike Stewart. Only a finite number of them will be made, equaling what we usually sell. The knife cannot be changed or upgraded at the SPA. During the buying period, a PayPal Button will appear below.

2016 SE Knife


Sold Out!!!

2015 SE Knife Scalper


Blade Length: 5.75 in/ 14.61 cm
Overall Length: 10 in/ 25.40 cm
Weight: 8.50 Ounces
Steel Type: A-2
Thickness: 0.135 in/3.43 mm
Handles: Rosewood


2014 SE Knife Hudson Bay

2013 SE Knife ” Bowie” 

2012 SE Knife “Trail Camp Bowie”