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4 comments on “Blog
  1. Just received the first batch of Rogue Blanks today. Our 2013 Special Edition Knife will be made from these. Though this is the first batch in, we will be waiting for the rest before we begin to cut out the Special Edition Knives.

  2. Mike Grasso says:

    Just finished “proofing” the 2013 Patch, we are also doing a special for Members who come to the Grind In.
    Lot’s of stuff in store for 2013. been discussing ideas for the SE Knife with Mike and Jim, going to be EPIC!

  3. It’s 12:37 pm, and I’m taking my lunch break.

    Isn’t that very interesting?

    We are currently making Goloks and Mini-Fox Rivers.

  4. Mike Grasso says:

    Well it’s about 8:50 on Thursday night and I’m just finishing a 3 hour workfest on the website. The new pages have content, the images are loaded and I’ve started a bloody blog!